Friday, 31 October 2014

London Calling

Oh hi, you have found your way to my UCAS blog!

This is the place where I store all the little and bigger happenings occurring to me in my enticing life as a London student.
From that sentence alone it was probably deduceable that I'm doing a Bachelor in PR & Advertising, but I'm just saying it again.

I'm also very sorry that I can only start posting in September, but I took notes over the last month, so I will give you an insight into my full student experience, including the first few weeks, which are weird for everyone, let's face.

So tonight, just a few facts about me so you know who you'll have to deal with:
My name is Henriette, I'm nearly 19 years old (10 days to go!) and I moved from my hometown in Germany to London seven weeks ago.
English has always been my favourite subject in school, probably because of my weak spot for well-written drama and literature, so at some point I just decided to make my dream of spending at least some time of my life as an actual "Londoner" come true a bit sooner rather than later.
I went to a boarding school - great times - and will probably get a bit nostalgic from time to time when I compare college to it ;)
I like small everyday adventures, libraries, coffee, the smell of efficiency and deciding which earrings to put on in the morning. (I've got five holes for them in my ears.)
My favourite animal is the fox, I wish I was born left-handed, when I was younger I always wanted to be a TV presenter or a gynaecologist (I've no idea where that came from), I know not just one, but two dead languages (Latin AND Ancient Greek) and of course I'm in Slytherin. ;)

I hope that's enough for you to go on for now,
I will now let you go into the night on this lovely Halloween night (although we've only got half moon) with a classic Halloween song performed by Panic! At The Disco and promise to be back by Monday.


Henriette x