Thursday, 4 December 2014

Making it worth your while

Not like we haven't always known that uni is soooooooooooo much more:
(a.k.a it's the last weekend of term so here finally have some photos I'm horrible I never take photos I fail at youth culture have fun)


Me and my Appeal Caller Fundraising Team! Together we got people to donate £78,787 for our Alumni Fund!!
(never mind my face, though.)


Classic College Nando's Fridge Poetry. (I did mention I'm on a creative campus, didn't I? *cough*)

New experiences:

Baking Halloween Pumpkin Cake only with borrowed appliances...
... and this is pretty much self-explanatory but also disgusting. #college
Truly funny lecturers:

Who encourage you to tweet during their lectures! Awesome.

And these weirdos you at some point just start calling your friends:
Fanks, sweeties.
You here more from me when this term is over! 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Essays, Essays, Essays

Will you tell me I should just stop posting random blog posts every few days if I start complaining about coursework now?

That said, yes, there are essays, and portfolios and case studies; the end of term is in two weeks and there's only ever so much coffee.
And especially in busy times, it's sometimes hard to stay grounded. Or healthy.

And compared to my exam phase last year around that time, this little bit of essay writing that doesn't technically count towards my degree is like riding a pony. (On second thought though... Not like riding a pony. I wouldn't even know how to saddle a pony.)

And on top of all of that, last year I was also worrying about my unit application and how it would be processed and whether my English and my grades would be good enough to get in and... oh well, it was just not a nice time for my parents.

But today I was sitting on the tube and put my "2014" playlist on (yes, I have a playlist that I add favourite songs or meaningful songs of every month to) and I just thought... well, there' actually quite a few things I did this year that I can be proud of.

And because I'm a fan of lists, find one attached:

Things to be proud of 2k14
  • Applying to uni all on my own (and getting in!)
  • Starring in a student-directed play that we could present in an actual theatre
  • Finishing school (although after having my results I really mustn't have worried as much as I did)
  • Writing a couple of short stories that don't read to bad
  • Getting my best friend to follow her heart. This was also probably the hardest thing I did all year.
  • Giving a speech at my graduation ceremony and making people cry. (Well, the last part is not really something to be proud of, I admit that.)
  • Realising that some things and people really matter  - and other not at all
And I know that I'm not the most inspiring human being, that my life is always surprisingly normal (but still very precious and special from a first hand experience, believe me), but I hope that maybe doing the same thing, just compiling a small list of things you are proud of, can help you a bit to hold your head up high and face the future a little lighter-hearted. Not all is bad.