Thursday, 4 December 2014

Making it worth your while

Not like we haven't always known that uni is soooooooooooo much more:
(a.k.a it's the last weekend of term so here finally have some photos I'm horrible I never take photos I fail at youth culture have fun)


Me and my Appeal Caller Fundraising Team! Together we got people to donate £78,787 for our Alumni Fund!!
(never mind my face, though.)


Classic College Nando's Fridge Poetry. (I did mention I'm on a creative campus, didn't I? *cough*)

New experiences:

Baking Halloween Pumpkin Cake only with borrowed appliances...
... and this is pretty much self-explanatory but also disgusting. #college
Truly funny lecturers:

Who encourage you to tweet during their lectures! Awesome.

And these weirdos you at some point just start calling your friends:
Fanks, sweeties.
You here more from me when this term is over! 

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