Sunday, 9 November 2014

the why

+++ ALERT: This is not a post to fuel existentialistic philosophical debate. +++

That said, I decided to make a post why I chose to study in London in particular, a task rather closely link to my coursework for Advertising at the moment, which, behold, I am not going to ramble on about.

So. London.

First of all, it has always been a dream of mine. Whenever someone asked me "top ten things you want to do before you die?" or some equally generalised question, 'living in London for a certain amount of time', was always one of the top ranks on my list.
(Usually competing with 'learn to speak five languages fluently' and 'trick the world into thinking you possess magic'.)
Sounds like a legitimate reason, but I am aware that this doesn't make me anything close to unique or god forbid special, because this point is literally on every second teenager's bucket list.

But coming to London felt just like fulfilling a purpose to me:
English is my favourite language on this planet. (I haven't started learning Japanese yet.)
I have a soft spot for quirky traditionalism while at the same time craving a diverse environment.
I need people to open my eyes to new things. I need to feel small in front of old buildings sometimes. I need to feel special in a crowd from time to time. I really prefer to blend in mostly, though.
London was everything and nothing, it's modern while still holding the draw it had under the Empire.

There is no place like it.

I discover a new part of the city every week, but I could never say whether I would prefer Camden over Shoreditch, Mayfair over Belgravia, Kew over Southwark. It just all blends together in my head and makes for an all-encompassing picture that won't leave me so fast.

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